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Monday, March 12, 2012

Breading Pair of Grebes arrive



Spring isnt far away in the Queens Park a slots of blossom is on the trees as above highlighting the Boar War statue. The Daffs have started coming out but not a in full bloom yet. Given another week we will have a spectacular show


The Barnacle goose id still with us and as you can see its ringed. Interestingly they have never bread successfully in this country there was one that crossed with a Canadian goose at Tatton but the eggs were destroyed



Last week we had one Grebe but the second one has arrived and they are looking very romantic giving each other fish etc so lets hope the breed this time and the yobs dont get the eggs. It hard to see were they can breed as its on water and last year they used the hay balls but there isnt any left for them this time

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