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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Climbing Frame open


On Radio Stoke on Monday they started a rumour that the park wasn't going to be finished you can here the rumours here

I spoke to the horse mouth so to speak the manager of the Queens Park and there is no problem what has happened that the paths were all to be one contract but as there are different requirements for the paths ie the path by the lodges will all be on new soil and will settle in time so will need to be temporary paths. So what they have picked up on is that the contract has been stopped and changed to the new one were several tenders for different parts of the park. But she assured me the money was there and everything was going ahead as normal.

You can see on the the main website for the park  that everything is progressing with work on the lodges starting next week.

queenspark 011

The Bowling Green roof is way underway with scaffolding up and lots of work on the roof and the veranda can now be seen.

queenspark 022

The cafe has had lots of glass put into the roof and really taking shape at last once the roof is on the weather wont effect the work so bad. With all that glass its will be nice and bright inside.

queenspark 033

Outside the cafe I caught a robin taking in the sun and its interesting that despite the cold weather you can see if you enlarge the picture by double clicking that the plants are slowly budding meaning that hopefully spring is to far away.

queenspark 038

The climbing frame for older children is now up and running and there were children out enjoying it today

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