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Sunday, January 23, 2011


queenspark 007

Radio Stoke caused a panic in the park last week as they interviewed everyone about rumours that the council had run out of money and had nothing left to finish the park and as such the paths planting etc would never be finished. I contacted the park manager and she assured me that everything was going ahead as planned. If any more info comes to light we will be on the case.

The work is still going ahead and the bowling hut is now getting the roof put on slowly

queenspark 015 .

The cafe is also getting its roof put on and the glass windows at the top can be seen going in.

queenspark 021

As you come in from Tipkinder the path down to the lake had fencing all the way down this has now been removed and the area cleaned up so there is a little extra space.

queenspark 033

The new climbing frame has now got its play surface put down and should be open very soon. As with all things at this time of year the weather is a major problem which can soon put things back if we get more snow or frost

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