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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2009

4th August and the final part of the new railings is going in along Victoria Ave. Apart from a odd few feet the railings are all now complete there is just the little bit waiting for new gates before they can do the last little bit.

As you can see above the banking is going great guns and wont be long before its finished and at the same time the mass of mud has been moved from by the Bandstand so its real progress.

The Mystery stone above has been tracked down. I went behind the barriers and tracked it down near coronation walk were it was originally placed. The boulder (rock) in the picture is reputed to have been swept down from Scotland after the last Ice Age. There was originally a sign on the boulder but it disappeared many years ago." Its millions of years old and the oldest thing in Crewe
The lake near the golf coarse from behind the barriers and you can see how the bank has been rebuilt and reinforced.
A close up of the what I know as the Monkey hut over on the other side near Morton Rd this again is in the plans to be revamped
The sad sight of the Gulf War memorial which has been defaced what sort of low life does that if they ever catch these people a spell in a war zone may buck their ideas up and they may appreciate out fine soldiers giving their lives for us

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