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Friday, August 14, 2009

Old pictures of the Queens Park

Old pictures of the Queens park sent in by Derek Baker we are all grateful he is sharing these with us.
Above the Boer war statue with the old guns
The old bridge across the lake this seems a popular spot to take pictures
Again the memorial but note the train at the base of it this has now gone and after a phone call today I think I have tracked it down to the council office I will see if I can confirm its still around
The memorial and the broad walk down the hill
The old style cafe
Again the cafe but what is the building in the fore ground I havent seen this in any other picture and keen to find out what it is and were did it go?
The lake dated 1904 with the wooden bridge
The lake it must be old judging by the cloths

Wooden bridge again across what would be Burma Island now
The lake with boats
Nice picture of the park in winter

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