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Sunday, January 20, 2013



The clock is now back working at long last its no longer set to 12 o'clock.


The snow has come and the park is white over and kids playing in the snow. The Dog Wardens have been asked to come in to tackle the dog problem. People are just so ignorant we had 4 this week with dogs running about and when told they have to be on the lead we were ignored and these were older people.Its not safe for dogs to be off the lead with children and wildlife about. Its only a few steps to go to Tipkinder or the playing fields. The swans have been back this week but fred the goose has gone missing's. wigeon and woodpeckers have been reported as seen this week


Anonymous said...

Sending dog wardens in to sort out the dog? It would be cruel not to let the dogs off, and people have to do it somewhere. What's the harm if the owners clear their muck, are attentive and the dogs are trained. I have grown up in a household full of animals, especially dogs, our dogs have only ever been affectionate, they only pester those that are happy to give them attention and have never caused anybody harm. That is ridiculous, all other animals roam free, what about the poor dogs that only see four walls until they go out!

Who ever implemented that policy obvious has no clue about animals, and I'm disgusted that they are being excluded from an area where they are the most safe, away from traffic. Dog owners are being punished here for being humane!

Anonymous said...

Some dogs may well be trained, but some others may not. I think all dogs in public places should be on a lead

James Patterson said...

How many times have I heard Don't worry he will not harm you while my child is standing there obviously frightened and since the owner has uttered this mantra think it is ok for the dog to carry on I do not think so if they are meant to be on a lead it is for a reason!!!!