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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dog Menace yet Again

Start of another year in the park Happy New year to all our readers

I had complaints about this women letting her dog loose in the park frightening people and chasing ducks. Stopped her and explained there is a bylaw that dogs must be on the lead and signs all over the park. her reply was it doesnt apply to her and go and catch some yobs instead. She seems to think being posh means she is above the law and she doesnt appear to care that she upsets commoners. It doesnt matter how nice the dog is some people dont like dogs and if you have small children you dont want them running near your children even if its friendly it can knock children over. even after being told she continues to let it off the lead. She is actual the second person who has said the law doesnt apply to them. If you see her tell her to get it on the lead if enough people tell her she may take notice. People only have to go a few feet to Tipkinder or the playing fields if they want to let dogs loose
You may notice when you enter the park that its 12 oclock as the clock has stopped and needs repairing even though it was restored a few months ago.
These stupid children walking on the outside of the big Broadwalk bridge this week and then doing the old Harry Worth (who remembers him) trick of standing on one foot and holding on with one hand. The problem is you cant shout in case you make them jump and they fall. But they are an accident waiting to happen


Anonymous said...

I think you need to be a little more subtle with your posts. Referring to children as 'these stupid children' etc is really quite awful coming from what I presume is an adult who has written this blog. It reads more as an attack than anything constructive especially posting their photos online without parental consent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if one had fell, then they would have learned a lesson!