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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Frozen Lake



The first time this year the lake has been frozen I didnt think it had been that cold but it was frozen over today. This brings the problems of kids messing about on the ice like we had last year. There was some young kids stamping on the ice today and its very dangerous if you see anything stupid like this if need be phone the Police before they get killed.

The swans are still missing and have been gone for a few weeks now lets hope they come back soon.

Following on from last year’s work on developing Crewe Park as an educational resource MMU PGCE primary students will be able to undertake a special short project in the New Year.  This will involve students meeting in the park for an introductory visit and talk,by other park staff/friends (Elaine and Linda)to lead this, on Monday 28th January pm (1-3 approx).  This would then be followed up by students working with a class of children from one of the local schools on Wednesday 30th January, morning or afternoon  - (perhaps half a group in each session).  The students will have devised science based activities to work on with the children in the park – appropriate to the age range of the children.  This would then have the possibility of being followed up in the school on Monday afternoon 4th February.  We are hoping that students will produce a scheme of work of which they will have delivered a small part, and make contributions to the Crewe Park website, if you think this is appropriate. 

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