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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bridge repaired


The Main Broadwalk Bridge has now been repaired and fully open lets hope it stays that way.  The Friends AGM took place on Tuesday and the full details can be seen here


We have had some nice days recently considering its October with the last 3 Sundays being sunny. But Autumn is well and truly with use and the scenes change from day to day so we have a few pictures of the best Autumn trees at this time of year




Anonymous said...

If there is a struggle to get volunteers for the park to repair acts of vandalism can comminity service be enforced as a free way of maintaining the park, repainting over grafiti, put benches and bins back in the right place????

Anonymous said...

Dissapointed to see that Roy cartlidge didnt attend the AGM, I wonder if he'll be mentioning that as part of his next election campaign