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Sunday, October 3, 2010


queenspark 006

The mud mountain by the main rd is all but finished and has been levelled off. This was needed to stop the wall collapsing and to make it safe for disabled people. There is now a slight bank so it should now be ok for everyone.


This week the cafe had the concrete arrive for the floor so now all that is done


The outside they have started to put the sandstone brick in place so you begin to see what its going to look like

queenspark 005

Autumn colour is slowly coming in with the tree by the lodge starting to change

queenspark 069 

The trees near the War memorial are also starting to change and these are the most spectacular at this time of year.

queenspark 049 

Up near the bandstand the area has now been landscaped and is back to a flat surface after a long time being a mud hill


queenspark 050

In the same are people have asked if the floor in the Bandstand is finished the answer is as you can see is yes and it looks like new

queenspark 065

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