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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Play Area on Bowls update


There has been a lot of work this week but not a lot to show for it as a lot has be prep work. Both the Bowls and the cafe foundations have been worked on but there isnt much to see just a bit of concrete


The play area is going in leaps and bounds and as it was only a 10 week contract there is lots to see. Many of the footings for the equipment are in and they have tried the swings and things in the week to ensure they fit

DSCF1691 DSCF1695

After some problems with the lake leaking it is now being filled slowly again but as they can only do it for 4 hours a day progress is slow. The gardeners had fun this week as they had to row out in a boat to weed the islands but it did get done and is now weed free.

Some fun in the week when the armed response unit was called to Tipkinder after some lads were discharging weapons in the woods. After a lot of people rand 999 a unit was dispatched its lucky no one was hurt shooting so close to the road even a air weapon can be deadly if it shoots a driver

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