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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Band Stand

Lost Arts the people who are rebuilding the band stand have provided us with some pictures of the work and band stand. Above you can see the state of the roof and dome before they started
The dome has now been restored at their factory with all new copper
The picture above shows the wood that holds the roof and this has given them a lot of problems as our bandstand was built by Baker which is rare normally they can remove the roof to rebuild it but our design makes this impossable
The main cast post that hold up the bandstand have been removed and some were rotten as water runs down the middle of them and this had blocked so they filled with water. A mold has been made so new one can be cast
Here is the final product the new cast post good as new
The vents from the top of the band stand have all been renewed and spaces have been left for the Bats to come back in as bats were living in the top in the past. All approved by the Bat conservation society
The ceiling rose which has been repaired
Finally the top of the bandstand being removed by a crane to be repaired

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