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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lots of Baby Ducks



Squirrel enjoying a sunny day


Lots of baby ducks  with one mother having 8 and another one with 4. Wildlife is coming alive at this time of the year



New Azalea bushes have been planted down Coronation walk  Not buy the park gardeners but I suspect by Micky Mouse Inc. or bodge it and scarper. Who in their right mind plant them in  the middle of weeds without first killing the weeds or digging them out? You can just about make out the small bush under the nettles and weeds soon the weeds will be bigger than the bush so you wont see them. Planted like that you cant even cut the weeds without killing the bush. They were all put in and never watered in the dry spell so they are luck to live. You have to blame Park management for passing this as ok and not getting them back to do the job properly


They have created a bog garden at the base of the water fall but not advised anyone and the amount of people who have walked on it to look at the water and sunk in the mud and ruined their shoes. The water seems to run off the water fall but there just isnt enough flow its just a dribble downstream  


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