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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Deadly Broadwalk Bridge


Lots of Robins about this week and its always nice to see them about but it makes you think of winter




Also this week caught a Wren and a Chaffinch


The bank by the lodge is now white over with the second flush of daffs



Over the weekend the Air Ambulance was called out to the park as a 11 year old boy had fallen from the Broadwalk bridge. He had been climbing on the bridge when he fell. We are glad to hear he is ok as he could have died falling some 30 ft onto rocks. The problem is there is no way to stop this you often see children walking on the out side of the bridge or climbing up the arch and its only a matter of time before someone dies. They should have saved £250,000 and just looped the path like they have done near the lake.



The paths are now done but people have said about this path not tarmacked they say its to stop it being slippy in winter  the problem is they havent stopped water flowing off the land you can see the damp patch on the other path so come winter it will be a ice rink


The path at Burma Island is nearly done and once everything flowers its will be nice

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