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Monday, April 20, 2015

No where for wildlife to breed


Spotted the Mandarin and other ducks going over to Tipkinder this week as there is no were for them to breed in the park.


One of the main areas were ducks breed is on the islands but as you can see they are practically bare with very little to build a nest from and no were for them to hide


At the friends meeting they said they would provide floating islands but they have not appeared they needed to be in long before now as grebe come find water and food but no were to breed as they cant go on land so they just move on to other areas. The question on everyone's lips is were has all the money gone that the wildlife group raised which was a few thousands wasnt this to put suitable plants on the islands for breeding. They have had all winter to do this and all we see is a few very small bushes that cost a couple of pounds and wont mature for many years. Just digging up some bamboo from by the lake and planting that would have worked it doesnt go big but is ground cover and ideal for ducks etc to hide and nest in. A lot of people have asked were has all the money gone


Panoramic view of the lake

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Unknown said...

Hopefully on the fishing, rubbish last year. If the Ducks were fed where the boats are, then hopefully they'd stay that side, problem is clowns feed fish off the bridge, hence swans etc wrapped in fishing line. ...common sense feed the feathery things where the boats are!!