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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Park Cycling Event Wrecks Playing Field


This week its all bout dangerous The path near the cafe is fenced off as the hole has reappeared there is a culvert under the path and last year there was  a hole 2 feet deep now its back. You can see in the photo how the path bows and you can see another hole appearing just in front of the fence. 


After last weeks report the path at the end of the lake has been closed off not for long as it was moved in a few days


The park has now put lots of notices around the park stating the paths are temporary its taken 5 years to put the notice up and 5 years isnt temporary 


At long last they have put the aerator on at the fishing end in the day time


Sunday saw 3000 bikes setting off from the park and 500 cars on the playing fields which now is like a quagmire as they had tractors towing people out who is going to pay for the repair? The organisers must have taken about £90,000 so lets hope they pay a few grand to put the playing area right normally everything is left a mess like Tipkinder after the fair

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