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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deadly Path Made Safe?



After last weeks report of the deadly path the Chronicle also ran the story this week with picture and low and behold a gang of workmen appeared and created a new feature a mud wrestling ring and closed the path. But at least its responsible sae now. The council claimed it was down to fly tipping but as I witness back in may the council do it this wasnt the case, it sad that you have to get press coverage to get things made safe when it was so clearly deadly


The cygnets have been ringed this week and we have 2 boys 2 girls and one they dont know. The one from Stapley injured by fishing line  will be released soon they hope but cant return to the park as father may drive it off


A ramp has gone in on the island so wildlife can then get back on the island with their young as it was once they left the island young couldnt get back and were in danger,


The swans are growing well now and dad is still looking after them well


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