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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Plants Stolen


New plants were planted just over a week ago at the Gulf War memorial and by the Bowling hut but today some have been stolen and other pulled out at both locations some of them were Pieris and no doubt now in someone's garden or given as a present. The memorial has just returned after being vandalized and has been put back at the same location. In my view if its been broken once it will happen again and should be moved to a more public location so its harder for the yobs. There have been large stones found in the area as if they have been used to attack it. In the photo you can see the holes which once contained plants that ANTS planted. Ants have still not replied about the scouts who offered them help maybe they now dont want anyone else to join the group and help



Further vandalisms occurred at the Tipkinder gate were the old sign glass has been smashed 


The new paddling pool is now finished or in this case its the new path which has turned into a paddling pool as they have put no camber on it or raised it above surrounding earth but it does make a good photo

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