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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pink footed Goose


A pink footed goose has been at the park this week its one we havent seen before.

Latin name

Anser brachyrhynchus


Swans, ducks and geese (Anatidae)


The pink-footed goose is a medium-sized goose, smaller than a mute swan but bigger than a mallard. It is pinkish grey with a dark head and neck, a pink bill and pink feet and legs. This species does not breed in the UK, but large numbers of birds spend the winter here, arriving from their breeding grounds in Spitsbergen, Iceland and Greenland. Numbers in England are on the increase, particularly in Norfolk, probably due to better protection at winter roosts.

Where to see them

Large estuaries, such as on the east Scottish coast, The Wash, the Ribble and the Solway, or on surrounding farmland where birds go in the day to feed.

When to see them

They arrive in the UK in October and depart in April.

What they eat

Grain, winter cereals, potatoes and grass.


Many of the trees on the main drive way have been damaged in the same way more mindless vandalism


Anonymous said...

I would like to bring to your attention a significant bad practise with regards to the closing of Queens Park during the winter months. As we all know the daylight hours at this time of year are significantly reduced and the time taken between daylight and dark is only tens of minutes. The park closes at 16.30 in these months.
Alpha omega use a vehicle to close the gates of the park prior to 1630 hours, starting with the gate on Moreton Road, the onto Queens Park Drive facing the King George V Playing Fields, then the main gates, then the security staff from Alpha Omega waits at the Tipkinder entrance, until he “reckons” that the park is empty and then closes the gates at that entrance regardless of whether people remain in locked in the park.
Today, 14/11/12, my wife, mother and 2 sons aged 2 and 3 were in the park for a walk, they attempted to leave at the Queens Park Drive King George V exit (prior to 1630, circa 1625) only to find it locked. Then assuming that the main entrance would be left open as an exit they headed off attempting to use the disgraceful paths en route to the main entrance in rapidly diminishing daylight. Due to the restoration projects excellent use of money on underused buildings instead of pavements this journey was not the quickest, as it wouldn’t be with 2 small children. Upon reaching the main gates they were found to be locked, may I add that this is the only illuminated area in darkness. Fortunately at this point I managed to calm my wife and children through the railings on Victoria Avenue and then run round to the Tipkinder entrance, where luckily for me some other people had only just managed to get out, at which point I ensured that the employee from Alpha Omega couldn’t close the gates behind the other family trying to leave, while my family could finish the 20 minute journey to the exit.
Whilst I was ensuring the security guard couldn’t close the last remaining gate on my family he informed me that he had recently locked 2 people in the park and said “they saw me and knew what I was doing, so I locked them in” shortly after this he complained that he had to be in Sandbach for 1800, I think in his mind that was justification for locking a pensioner, scared mother and 2 small children in the park over night.
When my wife reached the exit she quizzed the employee from Alpha Omega on the procedure for closing the park, as in the past a whistle has been used to alert people to the closing, also the clock at the main gates was showing 9.50 as it had broken, The employee said “they don’t provide a whistle and the park closes at 1630”.
In my personal opinion the use of a vehicle to close all the gates in quick sucession then waiting a couple of minutes at the last gate prior to jumping in the car to Sandbach isn’t good enough. My family were scared and were not quick enough to sprint around the park at the pace of a Vauxhall Corsa hoping they picked the right exit at the right time. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t managed to hold him up at the gates whilst my family managed to get out, they only knew that gate was opened as I telephoned her and didn’t leave the gates until they arrived, I dread to think how scarred they would have been had I not been there. A true disgrace, he should have at least walked around the park exits without the use of a vehicle to allow trapped people to leave the park, but he was more concerned with getting to Sandbach.

Anonymous said...

the graffti on the bridge " rip tony" tony davies died in the back of a police van