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Friday, November 5, 2010

November in the Queens Park

queenspark 015

The bowls pavilion is now progressing well and you can now see the basic structure in place

queenspark 023

Most of the work on the cafe has been around getting the wooden beams in place. Its a complicated structure and the crane has been here all week off and on lifting the beams into place each beam cost about £1,00.

queenspark 021

The big thing is the bonfire which is on Friday the 5th and they were building it today

queenspark 040

I noticed our regular visitor to the park nick named Squirrel man who come most days rain or sun to feed the squirrels and its interesting to see how they come and sit with him with him and eat from his hand.


There is still lots of colour in the park and it changes everyday it seems this one from Morton Road of the lake

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