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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Help needed to keep site going

For over 9 years I have run and In all that time I have paid for everything myself and used my own camera to take over 75,000 photos of the Queens Park and Crewe.

I am now 69 years old and on a pension and cant keep up the web site fees and my camera is past it so I am looking for support from my readers in the form of donation so the sites dont have to close.

Please spread the word and make a donation

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Another 30ft deadly tree in the park

One of the new ducks that has grown up a bit has strange colours and is very cheeky




A lot of comments on Facebook about the geese mess by the lake and people with children are complaining it gets on pram wheels and shoes meaning you take it home

Research has shown that the excrement of geese contains a wide variety of pathogens capable of infecting humans and that can also be transferred to the water and air quality. However, the transmission of disease or parasites from geese to humans has not been well documented. The parasites do exist, so the potential exists, and the higher number of geese the higher the potential. But since there are gaps in the research, we do caution that the presence of a disease does not necessarily translate into a threat to public health.

Parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus that are present in Canada geese

Parasites can cause diarrhea and infection, especially in individuals with compromised immune systems. Three parasites that are a concern to humans are cryptosporidium, giardia and toxoplasmosis.  Infection may occur through eating a goose that is undercooked or drinking contaminated water. Caution should be observed when swimming in any lake, pond or beach area that has a presence of geese.

The bacteria transferred from Canada geese that cause humans concern are chlamydiosis, e-coli, listeria, pasteurella multocida and salmonella. Infected birds can shed the bacteria through feces, nasal discharge and when someone is bitten. Humans normally manifest infection by pneumonia or through a wound.  The presence of e-coli correlates to the temperature, so there is a higher probability of e-coli presence during the month of June rather than February. Unless you are working around Canada geese or involved in feces clean up, the risk of infection can be low.

Canada geese are members of a group of birds that have been known to contract avian influenza. In 2004, researchers confirmed that Canada geese could contract H5N1, and it is an on-going concern that geese can introduce the disease.  There is on-going research to help validate these concerns.

Lastly, histoplasmosis fungus grows in soil enriched with bird droppings, including those from geese. When these contaminated soils are stirred up, the fungal spores can become dispersed and inhaled, thereby infecting individuals. Goose droppings have not been identified as a source for histoplasmosis, however, in light of the conflicting information, we suggest people practice caution when raking, mowing or stirring up soil enriched with goose droppings. It does not appear that goose droppings on sidewalks and other non-soil surfaces pose a risk.

How to proactively protect yourself from diseases that Canada geese carry

As a general rule, keeping a distance from geese and areas frequented by geese will always be the first line of defense in combating any diseases that geese can carry. Individuals with compromised immune systems should be extra cautious.

We suggest the following safety guidelines:

  • Wear protective gloves while working with feces or geese
  • Wash hands after working outdoors around geese
  • Launder work clothes
  • Shower after a day of working outdoors around geese
  • We wash our dogs paws daily at the end of every working day
  • We suggest washing bottoms of shoes at the end of every working day


One of the dead trees that Cheshire east are leaving  to endanger members of the public its over 30 ft and if that comes down it could kill a lot of people if they are close. As per last week post managers have been advised since January but no action is being taken


Coronation walk and the water fall still only works when we have had a lot of rain the rest of the time its dead. When it does work the flow is so slow its not worth having and as it leaves stagnant water its becoming another hazard as its covered in weed, alga and rubbish. If the flow was more and it worked all the time it would be washed away. adding to that when its strimmed all the rubbish goes in the brook clogging it up. The whole stream wants a good clean not a massive expensive job  


If kids get in this what can they catch?



Monday, July 10, 2017

Are Cheshire East Council putting lives in Danger?

Back in February we highlighted the dangers in the park  with dangerous trees with very heavy dead branch's that could potentially kill people if they fell

The Danger was reported to The Park Manger Elaine, George Broughton and Melanie Henniker, from HR  now 5 months later nothing has been done none of the dead trees have been removed the dead branch's are still there. Cheshire East Council has a duty of care to keep visitors safe  from danger which clearly they are failing to do should anyone be killed by falling trees someone could be found guilty of corporate manslaughter. Its hard to predict when dead branch's will fall  but its fact they wont come back to life and fix themselves  this is a public park  visited by children and old people and even small branch’s could cause serious injury or death. You can see in the sample photos that there are dead trees and the branch’s are very heavy and very dangerous. The Lottery funded the renovation on the condition the park was maintained  failure to do so they can demand money back. I am a former head Gardener of a estate bigger than the park and in my professional opinion  the park is a death trap if anyone is hurt they can use this article as evidence of H&S failings.


Above a dead tree which can fall into the road and below look at the size of the dead branch



Coronation walk stream is working at last but its not fixed properly as the design is still at fault the bog garden has now become a nettle garden. Its the same problem they didn't kill the weed before planting just planted in the middle of the weeds would you pay for that at home NO so why hasn't he council got it redone to a descant standard?


Lots of new wildlife in the park for people to see



A nice yellow one these often don't survive as gulls spot them and take them


Other baby ducks get killed as the council fail to put a bit of netting at the end of the lake were duck can fall down and die there is no major cost just a council that don't care about wildlife. New reports about the badgers show that Natural England and Police let work continue as there was to be daily check to see if badgers had returned it now turns out that any random dude from the contractors with no knowledge of badgers was the only check and that was to see if the fence that was only quarter way round the sett had been moved. It would never have been allowed if they new that  


Lots of wildlife now using the waterfall and stream gold crest and gold finch are just a few



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New Signets in the park


Coronation Walk is still in a right mess with the stream still not working after all this time. The steam is covered in mud dirt and weeds and the water has virtually stopped. Why would the council pay for this if it was your house you wouldn't pay until it worked properly. Same with the plants  you wouldn't pay if they were stuck in the middle of weeds. Its possible if they don't fix it soon the pump will overheat and require a new one again. All that's needed is a couple of holes in the pond wall so water will flow in from the lake it will find its own level  the whole thing has been a cock up again. They have put new bench's down the walk so you can sit and look at the weeds and empty stream.


Lots of new wildlife with baby ducks, Canada geese and now signets. Lets hope they survive this time but watching today as they swam close to a fisherman who cast inch's in front of them its not good. I  thought they had to bring the line in and let swans swim past not try and hook them. The other problem is people feeding them as if they are babies so they get humanised which often gets them killed when they leave as they have no fear of humans. Swan rescue groups have advised not to feed by hand but people ignore that and still do. This makes the swan a threat as lots of people specially with babies fear them as they come right up to you for food and its frightening if you have a young baby and a swan is pecking close to it.



Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheshire East Council steal copyrighted image?



A photo taken of the new sign in the queens park and draw your attention to the second photo down on the left of the lodges. This is clearly a stolen copyright image taken from my website      you can see the small cloud on the right is identical
It was stolen from

This is not the first time the park management have stolen my photos the whole management is in total disarray. We had the problems with them committing wildlife crimes and interfering with badgers due to  their cockup. They are still refusing FOI act request for information about the badgers the only reason I can think of is they are covering up criminal acts.

Last year we had the paths done and crimes were committed against badgers and the firm buried the controls to the sluice gate under the new path which meant the lake kept flooding as it couldn't be emptied so the same firm get the contract for the waterfall and its still not working as the feed is out of the water as the pump is not getting water to cool it it can soon get ruined.

The planting by contractors has been a joke were they have planted into weeds so the new plants cant be seen for nettles and you cant mow or weed the bog garden is planted and instead of killing weeds the butter cups are not bigger than the plants. With all these things why are the jobs not  inspected after and then refused payment until its done correct you wouldn't pay at your own house if it was a mess. In February I reported 22 dangerous tree branch's and dead trees   To Elaine and George nothing has been done and health and safety should be top priority any of them falling are big enough to kill.

This isn't lack of money this is money being wasted on bad workmanship and its tax payers money that's being frittered away. One has to ask are the management fit for the job someone need to take responsibility for these cock ups    and someone should be asking why on several occasions have the council committed wildlife criminal acts one would expect their to be serious question asked about staff competence.

The same problem exist with the friends group people got roles with no vote and it was for one year until they changed the rules so they could stay in longer years later they are still there as they just vote each other in


Even if the pool was full the pipe is barley under water


A few years ago I rescued the oldest stone in Crewe which was left in Coronation walk he has now been returned to the walk


More plants have gone in at the side of the lake these were on the original plans of the restoration to improve the water and help wildlife were there are stacks around the lake it should have plants


Monday, May 1, 2017

Waterfall Failure all ready




The new stream and waterfall has failed all ready after only a few weeks. The whole design is flawed and doomed to failure. The water is pumped from the little pond by the lake it then runs down the stream back to the pond and it will loose some water by evaporation. But some goes to the base for the bog garden which is a pond all most. So which bright spark thought that one up? Over time if there is no rain the water leaking to the bog means its slowly empting the pond as it not refilled. So then the water will get low and the pump wont be able to pump water only air and may then blow the pump up as it wont be cooled by the water. This is what you get when people dont know what  they are doing. The answer is cheap drill some holes in the pond wall so the lake will keep it full as it will then be at the same level as the lake. Holes higher up the wall are needed so if there is a lot of rain water can seep into the lake above the water line. The water fall its self has no pressure and half the area is just going mouldy as its barley a trickle down stream but this may be adjustable.


A new sign erected in Coronation Walk


A massive pile of mulch appeared by the hut this week and is being spread on Burma island


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lots of Baby Ducks



Squirrel enjoying a sunny day


Lots of baby ducks  with one mother having 8 and another one with 4. Wildlife is coming alive at this time of the year



New Azalea bushes have been planted down Coronation walk  Not buy the park gardeners but I suspect by Micky Mouse Inc. or bodge it and scarper. Who in their right mind plant them in  the middle of weeds without first killing the weeds or digging them out? You can just about make out the small bush under the nettles and weeds soon the weeds will be bigger than the bush so you wont see them. Planted like that you cant even cut the weeds without killing the bush. They were all put in and never watered in the dry spell so they are luck to live. You have to blame Park management for passing this as ok and not getting them back to do the job properly


They have created a bog garden at the base of the water fall but not advised anyone and the amount of people who have walked on it to look at the water and sunk in the mud and ruined their shoes. The water seems to run off the water fall but there just isnt enough flow its just a dribble downstream  


Monday, April 10, 2017

Have the Council murdered any badgers?

The park friends report

Coronation Valley Project Report

The immediate good news is the progress concerning the Coronation Valley refurbishment. Robert Edwards from the Cheshire East Property Office, was welcomed and introduced to the group.

Robert’s report detailed delays to the work as a result of several claims of active badger sets in the valley. He re-iterated and confirmed the number of visits by both Police and environmentalists, the reports that have been presented to confirm that there is no badger activity in the project area and the costs that have been incurred as a result of the several investigations – these running to many thousands of pounds. Robert was able to confirm in great depth the detailed reports that have been presented and the fact that the CE Legal Department is satisfied that all complaints have been proved fruitless and that the valley work is legitimate and above board.

Elaine again advised the group of her contacts with Wirral Badger Association who have also confirmed as above. However, it was noted that there have been some threatening messages and the resulting delays have cost around 20% of the budget. Clearly, this will have an impact on the completion of the project and might necessitate new funding bids.

Robert told the meeting that the water course pump is now working, a timer has been fitted and the flow has been tested. Repairs to the stream bed should take 2-3 weeks, but large boulders and cobbles that were part of the original plans (available to view) might not be possible. The planting scheme (available to view) might also be affected, though there is a possibility that CEC has sourced additional funding for this. Bench alcoves along the new pathway will have to be funded at a future date, likewise the proposed bog garden.

The meeting thanked Robert for his attendance and the much appreciated information and update.

The truth

The claims are all wrong the sett has been active for over 20 years the councils own report see How Many Wildlife Crimes Have CEC Committed?

shows the sett was active members of the badger group confirmed it was active in January The jobs was then stopped as it was illegal as there was no licence from Natural England. The council then claim they put cameras down and the sett was inactive very convenient.

But there is a problem a Freedom of information request made to the council they refused to provide any evidence from the cameras so did they exist? Several people on the project stated different times that the cameras were down.

This raises questions if they were there and showed no badgers why would that be.

Being breading season they may stay underground a long time

Being frightened by the work could keep them underground or worse still they could have disturbed them which is another crime

If the cameras didn't cover the whole area they would not show up

If they didn't put any down they could say anything to move ahead with the work which would explain why they wont supply the details, they broke the law by not supplying the information in the given time which was a crafty move so the job would be finished before anyone could act on the info.

So they are wrongly saying there are no badgers but there is a twist in the tail being a badger group we have access to the greatest badger experts in the country and one came all the way from Surrey during the work and did a survey in the proper manner ie she sought permission obeyed all H& S requirements and did the induction needed. This unlike the one quoted above who broke into the site when no one was there much to the annoyance of the contractors.

She has over 20 years experience checking badger setts and she confirmed the sett was being used as there was clear evidence of activity. Her details which should be protected by the council under data protection rules were leaked and she received abuse and threats as a result.

Now that raises more questions

Were the other people who did the other surveys incompetent, negligent or paid off to give false results? As a result work then started when it shouldn't have passed the Police or Natural England if it was still in use and therefore a crime may have been committed again.

One staff member made the comment the job comes first sod the badgers and this shows the councils attitude to the matter.

At the above meeting they complain about the loss of budget and the problems trying to blame everyone else but the truth is simple they were advised many times they needed to obtain a licence for the work but ignored this and any loss is their fault through bad management if they had done the work in September when it was supposed to be done it wouldn't need a licence so no one is to blame but the management of the project the Police wouldn't have stopped the job if they had the correct licence. They also carried out work close to other setts illegally.

The project has been visited by other experts with 30 year experience in badgers and there is undisputable evidence the badgers are still there in fact the whole area you can see foot prints in the soil. There is evidence that a crude attempt to block the sett was made with sods placed on one and another seems to have been kicked to destroy it

To top it off they have now put flags down for seats right next to the sett this shows total disrespect for any wildlife by the council

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Coronation Walk now open



Something has given the park fence a good bash





The water fall is up and running but running slow the stream I would have thought they would have actually swept it before turning it on you can see below there are weeds still in it and the water is dirt due to mud in the stream.


The whole area has been untouched for many years and in need of some care and repair